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Jenks is conveniently located along U.S. Highway 75 (north/south) and the Creek Turnpike (east/west), making it possible to reach nearly anywhere in the Tulsa in 15 minutes or less.

60,000 cars drive Highway 75 daily and another 60,000 take the Creek Turnpike on a daily basis.

RL Jones Riverside Airport

Located adjacent to Jenks city limits is RL Jones Riverside Airport. The 752-acre facility has been operating since 1958 and employs 350 people, generating an annual economic output of $95 million.


In 2018, aircraft operations totaled nearly 200,000 aircraft operations, making it one of the busiest airports in the nation and the busiest in the state. RVS provides access to the nation’s air transportation system, allowing for more convenient and easily accessible air travel for local business owners. 

Tulsa International Airport

In 2019, Tulsa International Airport serviced just over three million passengers and had nearly 100,000 aircraft operations.


It is home to the largest aircraft maintenance facility in the world. In February of 2020 American Airlines announced it would be investing over $550 million in their Tulsa location.


Tulsa International is a short drive from Jenks and has direct flights to many prominent cities such as Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles and Chicago to name a few. 

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