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Jenks Demographics

2022 Population: 26,900. 

Population in 2010: 16,924


Size Matters: With a 17.11 Square mile radius, Jenks boasts a small town, uptown feel with a historic downtown charm. Our density is about 1517 people per square mile.

Households: 8111 Single Family Households. 23 multi-family properties (with a various number of units within each property).

Income Stats: Average household income in Jenks is $115,655.


School Spirit: Jenks is known for its top-ranked public school system. Jenks Public Schools are ranked #2 in the state by a site called, which ranks districts across the US using specific metrics. In addition, Jenks Public Schools currently has 20 national merit semifinalists, more than any other HS in the state.


JPS serves almost 13,000 students in prek-12th grade, with 880 in the graduating class size of 2022, boasting 18 National Merit scholars and 126 Distinguished graduates.


State A-F report cards for the 2021-22 school year have still not been released by the State Dept of Ed

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