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Why Jenks? Q&A with Craig Bowman

Longtime resident and “Jenks Lifer” Craig Bowman chose Jenks to open his Farmers Insurance agency in 2008. The Why Jenks? series explores why prominent businesses in the community elected Jenks for their place of business.

Why did you choose Jenks to do business?

Jenks is my hometown and where I grew up and graduated high school. It’s special for me to be involved in this great community as both a professional and resident, and to have the opportunity to give back.

What about Jenks makes it a good place to do business?

Jenks continues to be one of the fastest growing cities in Oklahoma, but still maintains its small-town feel. The community is very active and full of great citizens. If you are looking for a great support system for your business, the Chamber and city are unmatched in their support of small businesses.

What advice would you give new business owners?

You need to be structured, set goals, and surround yourself with great people for your business to be successful. Get involved in the community and be willing to serve. Be willing to greatly invest your time in the community and to do the work. Be willing to face adversity.

What do you like most about Jenks?

The people are incredible! Jenks is a great community that makes everyone feel like family. The school system is top-tier and has been great for me and my family. I admire the standard of excellence in academics and sports.

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