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The numbers are in: people want to live in Jenks and your business belongs here

If you ask a business in Jenks, you’ll discover that Jenks is a great place to do business. That great business environment starts from the fact that Jenks is a great place to live., a website dedicated to grading communities and ranking them, consistently places Jenks as a top place to live in the state of Oklahoma.

Currently, Jenks is ranked as the best suburb to buy a house in Oklahoma, the second-best place to live and to buy a house in the entire state! Nationally, Jenks is ranked in the top 4% of suburbs to purchase a home and the top 3% of all cities in which to purchase a home. Further, Jenks is ranked in the top 10% of best places to live in the nation.

If you dig deeper in the rankings, you’ll find that Jenks is ranked the second-best place in the state to live and to raise a family. We’re also ranked in the top 10% of places for young professionals in Oklahoma.

In the Tulsa region, Jenks is:

  • The best place to buy a house

  • The best place to live

  • The best place to raise a family

  • The best public schools

For a business looking at Jenks, what does this mean? It’s clear: people choose to live in Jenks because it’s the premier place to live. That means Jenks offers an attractive demographic (median household income of $96,515) and offers ample opportunities for retail and restaurant growth as well.

According to Elevate Jenks’ leakage report, Jenks has a gap between supply and demand of food and drink of more than $200 million – that means there is more than $200 million is potential purchases in Jenks that is not yet met!

Do you want your business in Jenks? Contact Elevate Jenks staff at 918.299.5005 to find out how you can take advantage of Oklahoma’s hottest place to live.

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